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Mirrored Reflections

I wish I could be you.
I could see in your eyes and witness me and all the feelings that flee.
Stop to think of me, so I can love.
If you were my eyes, you'd marvel in that surprise.
Can I love myself too much or want love at the touch?
I wish to be you, can't I love you?

Pause to reflect on this.

You read about me, and how you feel me.
Is self-love is a sin, or remembered as vanity, one of the many recollections of our minds?
Together I pull us, so I can be you.
Or just one of our mirrored feelings?
Breathe me in, like a roll of sweet smelling smoke.
Get higher off of me than a bird could see me, pointing from below.
The bird looks at me; the image reflecting in the glasses I have for eyes.




I have become so lonely
that only the word
is free enough and large enough to take my
     mind off
     the world going day
     by day over the brink
      used up but unused. . .

A. R. Ammons
the snow poems, 1977

Ferrante & Teicher "Heavenly Sounds In Hi-Fi" 1957 STEREO Space Age Pop ...


Three guys are drinking in a bar when a drunk comes in, staggers up to the counter, and points at the guy in the middle, shouting, "Your mom's the best sex in town!"

Everyone expect a fight, but the guy ignores him, so the drunk wanders off and bellies up to the bar at the far end. Ten minutes later, the drunk comes back, points at the same guy, and says, "I just did your mom, and it was sw-eeeet!"

Again, the guy refuses to take the bait, and the drunk goes back to the far end of the bar. Ten minutes later, he comes back and announces, "Your mom liked it!"

Finally, the guy interrupts, "Go home, dad, you're drunk!"

It's not me, it's you

I sat.
Not caring.
The mental images flaring.
As, if they could consume what's misunderstood.
The lines of your face.
Tears erased.
Times honored and faults laid.
This is my fate.
To be hated,
annoyed and forever instigated.
Just see and be infuriated.


Mood Ring Music

You open your front door and look at your hand. Yes! Today you start off a nice optimism blue. The song playing for your mood is a nice little ditty about living in paradise. You get inside your car and the radio is playing the DJs mood. You frown, not knowing their music. It's a brown day for the morning host who is obviously having an off day, not matching yours but it gets worst. In the car beside you at the stoplight is a man in a suit who's cursing at his ring while heavy death metal saturates the space between you. You shake your head, his red mood affecting your blue while the radios brown still making you wonder what has the host so unsettled. Then something happens to you. Your ring turns a kaleidoscope of colors. What is this? The music you emit drowns out all others. The man in the car stops his emotions for a few seconds to marvel at yours. It's a symphony of pandemonium but you smile. This is a mood all of its own. Beautiful and all yours. Don't worry abo…

Taskmistress of Petty

I hate you like the sky that makes you blue on a seemingly cloudless day I loathe you like a virgin planning on staying that way but raped before her wedding day I imagine you dead strangled ran over or delicately torn apart piece by piece by things you never saw coming Why do I feel THIS way? Why must you think THAT why? Call me the taskmistress of petty wistful ideas  and let me lick the runny bloody tears of your pain forever more you silly silly boy.
Watch my hazel eyes...
be hypnotized.

Touch my inside thigh.
I want to hear you sigh.
Bite your lip -N- let me unzip.
You -N- me, we could be.
Hot -N- sweaty.

Smile 4 me?



If my road is long,
should I bring anything along?

I am empty handed,
a bird without a song.

Wondering here then there,
barely enough clothes to wear.

If you see me here,
I've heard you there.

No money have I,
just this stone slab.

Stony I feel,
unaware I've fallen.

Falling so low,
why am I alone?

The road is long,
will you come along?

Be my bird with song,
help my dreams along?

Beware of the obsession,
loneliness can become accustomed.



I want to run my fingers across your skin.

Breathe you in,
like a natural high that only you can provide.

Will you let me dive into that seductive pleasurable drive?

Smile at me,
knowing every inch of my body?

Caress & tease,
until we both can't breathe?

Lick the salt of passion within & never sway until you are deeply in?

Pushing & giving all you got,
can it ever be nearly enough?

I grip you & know,
it's just a drive,
something I had turned on just to giggle with pleasurable pride.

I'll let you bloom in me like a flower,
then roll my eyes with the power.

Don't pretend you don't want me.

I'm just lovely.


Subversive love
Thrown aware
No regrets
Gather your smiles
Not worth tears


Hitch a ride

Can I tell you everything,
or what's bothering?

Drive faster,
maybe I'll meet my master.

Black as night,
I'll enter the fright.

Sharp as a razor,
I'll show you my anger.

The past is gone,
but I will linger on.

I want to rip out this mind of mine,
and show you one last time.

Time of eternity,
where my sanity is returning.

The road won't end,
so neither will my flame.

Gaze at my face,
to see all innocence erased.

I'll tell you with my mind,
lips working in time.

This is my stop,
no more can I talk.

J.M. 6/19/05


Mischievous playwright,
dance tonight.

Tomorrow brings-
horrible dreams.

Empty theaters,
no one to see her!

She vanished...

J.M. 5-13-02


I laugh and sit back.

Relaxed like nothing in this world can bother me.

I smile and push my hair back.

amazing is how I feel.


Strong and with zeal this moment makes me feel.

Decisive and reconditioned to believe I can be this strong without someone to lean on.

I stand and twirl,
arms out to feel cool stress-free air.

Laughing and inwardly dancing,
I am burbling, titillating.

Life ahead of me beatific.

Just like I always saw joy could be.


To the bachelor

If I could inoculate myself against your love loneliness would fit me like a glove.

The luxurious laughs would end,
the paralysis would essentially begin.

Daily life would not go on dissatisfied,
the inoculate would make that a positive side.

I would see you no more mentally,
the inoculate serves me intellectually.

What would be the reverse of this drug?

Would it be diving haphazardly into love?

Seductive it all seems to me,
I could be infatuated easily.

I can not inoculate myself from you,
loneliness is not what I choose.

My arms are open undoubtedly,
please choose to be with me


The woman is real
The heart you can steal
For what time can never truly heal
Just hold her tight and kiss warm salty tears and hope to heal...