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Happy New Year - Sam Lightnin' Hopkins

Goodbye 2017

Cheers- End of 2017

Hey guys,

Not to bitch and moan, but I've been laid up with the flu and haven't written squat!

2017 was a surprisingly awesome year for me. Published my first two books, began this blog, found people I thought lost forever and learned that sometimes you can be your own worst enemy if you let fear hold you back from what you really want in life. 

I sincerely hope 2018 will find all of you safe, happy and pursuing what you truly want in life. Grow, learn and love...or not. Raise hell- kick, scream and give a middle finger to all that holds you back. Whatever you choose to do, do it with passion and stay fuktastic!

Joy M.

The Poni-Tails - Born Too Late (1958)

Born too late for you to notice me
To you, I'm just a kid that you won't date
Why was I born too late? Born too late to have a chance to win your love
Oh why, oh why was it my fate
To be born too late? I see you walk with another
I wish it could be me
I long to hold you and kiss you
But I know it never can be For I was Born too late for you to care
Now my heart cries
Because your heart just couldn't wait
Why was I born too late? Born too late for you to care
Now my heart cries
Because your heart just couldn't wait
Why was I born too late?
Why was I born too late?
Too late

What is Love - The Playmates.

Joke - Train Ride

A few days after Christmas, a mother was working in the kitchen listening to her young son playing with his new electric train in the living room.
She heard the train stop and her son said, "All you sons of bitches who want off, get the hell off now, cause this is the last stop! And all of you  sons of bitches who are getting on, get your asses in the train, cause we're going down the tracks."
The mother went nuts and told her son, "We don't use that kind of language in this house. Now I want you to go to your room and stay there for TWO HOURS. When you come out, you may play with your train, but I want you to use nice language."
Two hours later, the son comes out of the bedroom and resumes playing with his train. Soon the train stopped and the mother heard her son say, "All passengers who are disembarking from the train, please remember to take all of your belongings with you. We thank you for riding with us today and hope your trip was a pleasant one…

Tricking Astrid (Ch 3.2)

Chapter 3 (part 2) Astrid was not afraid of Remy. With her eyes tightly closed she refused to see his shadowy expressions. She'd caught his weird glint of animalistic pleasure when he'd hurt her back in the clubs parking lot. She didn't care to see it again, even if he did show it over and over. He wanted HER. That was enough.
His body was amazing. No other man she'd been naked with had looked so damn good. The way his muscles bunched and never seemed to tire of fucking her was raw stamina. He was the perfect man. Could he even exist? Yes. Right here with her in the backseat of his new Mercedes. She moaned for him. Touched him softly to increase his speed. Faster Remy. Don't slow down and never let her go.
Remy held onto Astrid's bucking body as the climax he had at last achieved in her, made the whole car move. He closed his eyes after pushing her neck hard against his mouth. He knew how to make her fucking scream at least ONE way.
Astrid gasped a…

Tricking Astrid ( Ch 3.1)

Chapter 3- part 1 Remy drove to a lake but turned onto a side road. It went up to a hidden hill. An ancient weeping willow hid the car from view. The road too if you looked up from the lake. The huge tree was a secret hideaway most never saw. Remy watched Astrid standing under the tree, gazing down on the moon lite lake and couldn't imagine a more beautiful girl to spend his nights with. He felt the love that had been gradually growing over these months. She trusted him. He trusted her, somewhat. The secrets he kept from her were fine for now. He didn't want to spoil their relationship. She was a perfect girl for what he needed. "Astrid," he softly called her name, opening up the backseat door, "It's time." She grinned, seeing him pull out his dress shirt while giving her sexy eyes. "IS it? This spot is great. I've been here at the lake a hundred times, never realizing this was here." He smirked. "Most don't." She s…

Chester and the 24-hour Lottery (Ch 11)

Chapter 11; Chester goes out with a bang Although Chester was not short, the cloak Ernesto Saldivar had given him was much longer than he liked, so before he could leave the hotel room, he sent for sewing pins which made Garth smirk in a way that emasculated but Chester would not risk falling flat on his face in a crowd for anyone. The council members stood in a row in front of the lobby entrance, all wearing the same stiff black robe with hoods drawn over their heads. Holding his head high, he exited the hotel with them falling into step behind, feeling like an old-time celebrity as people clamored for his attention. The Ozark officers made a path, yelling and poking people with electric prod sticks, reminding Chester of how he'd electrified March. Thinking of his neighborhood council, he remembered March was the only one missing. How had that happened? There was no time to dwell on it as he took to the stage where the manager was in a fit about how Chester had del…

Joy to the world - Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas y'all! Hope everyone has a wonderful day in some special way! Joy M.

I shot Saint Nick

I shot Saint Nick He snuck down my chimney with care and I screamed right there! Then a clatter sounded when he was shot in neck  falling with a thump swearing I told old St Nick I am done being second best! The elves and I had enough of the fat chump taking credit  while we made him a star. I may have been a simple holiday lay but Mrs. Clause didn't know I was his inspiration most days. The gift giving of the season would still go on, just not by the obese fat one who
would lay his finger aside his nose sniffing up special sugar then depart from my sweaty thighs exclaiming,
 "Merry Christmas ho and fucking goodnight!"


Burt Bacharach / Herb Alpert ~ The Bell That Couldn't Jingle

Chester and the 24-hour Lottery ( CH 10 )

Chapter 10; No tell motel Van sat on one of the twin beds as Chester paced the floor in the same room they had previously used. Alone with her nerves and questions that couldn't be voiced made him stop-start in front of her unsure of how to proceed. "Spit it out, Chet." "I like you, Van." "I like you too." "Do you like me because I won the lottery?" Keeping up the ruse that his win had nothing to do with luck and everything to do with politics or that Spell wasn't above walking officers into the crowd that night and turning every citizen into a mindless zombie made Chester want to lock himself in the bathroom and cry like an infant. Van narrowed her eyes and sat forward, "Why don't you come over here and I'll show you how much I like you?" Sitting on the narrow bed end he genuinely smiled at her, "No matter what happens the rest of the night, I want you to know I appreciate how you've had my back. Yo…

The Ramones - Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)



Who are you & What did you do to my soul? It's as if you sucked it away with a silly straw.
Not that I mind when you gaze at me in such an endearing way, making my lips part in a smile that lasts for days.

It's utterly delightful to feel this inspired,  knowing you are here come hell or high water.

Chester and the 24-hour Lottery ( Ch 9 )

Chapter 9; Back to school special "I was so worried," Van whispered into the crook of Chester's sweaty neck, "Are you alright?" He held onto her slim hips, feeling relieved but paranoid to be back with the small group. She smelled like apples, not coconut, and it was better. Her green eyes searched his but he couldn't answer except to nod. "How is your mother? Did they hurt you?" Chester let her go and avoided answering by walking away. Why had Governor Spell let him go without threats or promises of death? Garth tracked his movement as he walked through the checkpoint of Neighborhood Saldivar where all children and The Institute lived. Long school houses covered eight blocks, each divided by age and DNA approved erudition and living quarters. Chester recalled how he had hated waking up cold and hungry each day until sixteen when he was forced back into March where his mother had already declined and forced to work the landfill until …

Tricking Astrid (Ch.2.2)

Chapter 2 (Part 2) The next morning was Saturday, her day off, so she woke early and left for a jog. She pushed herself harder this morning because of the anger she felt over giving more emotions towards Remy than she had expected.
He was all she thought about. The last months had been wonderful. The way he ultimately made her feel was wonderful. Was she falling in love because of how he made her feel about herself or because of who he was?
Who was Remy? She didn't even know. That was something she SHOULD know. Why had she not asked more personal questions all these months? It was as if just being around him made her accept whatever he did or said. He knew all about her. All about lonely little twenty-three-year-old Astrid.
It was near three in the afternoon as she was folding laundry that she heard his car. What a surprise, she thought, happily going to open the door.
Remy had only once before stopped by unannounced. It pleased her that he'd decided to stop by after having t…

Tricking Astrid (CH 2.1)

Chapter 2 - part 1
Remy did not slow down. She was beyond the point of asking him to. She lifted her hips at each measured stroke until he was shaking from trying to hold back. She looked so sensually, body supple. He gasped, pulling out to shoot his come on her belly. She watched the intense way his face tightened, eyes closed as he did it. She'd never imagined Remy could be so unleashed. She should have. He had the muscle, the gorgeous face that probably bedded anyone he wanted. Yet as he was screwing her she'd never felt so watched. He stared like he had been deciding something. Sweaty, breathing fast together they laid side by side. The minutes passed by slowly as they did not speak. Was he sorry? Had she disappointed him? All in all, it had only been five minutes before they had both climaxed. She had loved those five minutes. She rolled onto her side to see him. "Remy that was awesome. No ones ever made me feel so... taken." Smiling, he caressed on…

Within Temptation - Gothic Christmas lyrics

Binge Kissing

Binge Kissing I am a woman in love. Willing to kiss you away Because no one should taste this good.

Synopsis Tricking Astrid

Astrid loved her boyfriend Remy but there was something about her new boss Calder that made her want to revert to her old ways where she didn't care who she was under as long as the burning passion of love was promised. Choosing one man over the other had her doing things she'd never dreamed of, but maybe she didn't have to choose if she gets past her own insecurities.

Remy knew Astrid was the one, but every day he withheld his true self, she slipped further away. Then entered Calder and all his demons came home to roost as he struggled to let Astrid make her own choices in love and keep her from discovering just how dark his taste could be.

Calder came from a family that demanded he always is perfectly golden and meeting Astrid put all his hard work in danger as he fell for her sweet smiles and genuine interest in him, not just his family. Remy was a guy he didn't see as a threat because he knew Astrid would make her own decision in love and life.

Then something happen…

Tricking Astrid (Ch 1)

Chapter 1 Astrid thought the world of her boyfriend. They had started dating after meeting on the dance floor of a club she frequented. The club was called Bounce and boy did it every Friday and Saturday.
He was extremely handsome, which at first made her wonder why he chose her. She wasn't unattractive, just the typical brunette type who men usually found boring at first glance. Blondes had better fun, right? He'd romanced her, made her feel special in little ways until she thought she was in love. Remy was his name and after three months they had yet to have sex. She was never pressured or approached by him like that. What they had gone beyond physical admiration. But after three months she did begin to question WHY they'd not had sex. She lived alone in a two-bedroom house left to her by her deceased grandparents. In actuality, she had no living family. Her friends were few, mostly ones she'd occasionally see at Bounce. She went dancing to cure her blues of lonelin…