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Chester and The 24-hour Lottery (ch 28)

Chapter 28; Home Two months passed with Chester living beside Spring Lake in perfect harmony with nature. Well, as harmonious as he could be, shooting rabbits and deer with the gun that immobilized prey so he could kill them off while they laid unconscious. He killed humans with his bare hands but when it came to animals was flat out squeamish. Running low on bullets he learned how to set traps since Garth and Deven stopped coming to check up on him while dropping off supplies three weeks after they buried Van in a neat clearing with a beautiful marble headstone Lacy had someone in Neighborhood Saldivar design. Chester ruminated sitting in front of Van's grave with the hot springtime sun beating on the top of his head that there were no longer proper names for the neighborhoods. He hoped one day to return to the city but for now felt this was the place he needed to be. His friends were moving on, sometimes calling on the Virto-Frames and it felt good knowing they still helped othe…

Chester and the 24-hour Lottery (ch 27)

Chapter 27; Twisted Affection Chester floated in and out of consciousness for so long he wasn't aware of anything beyond the knowledge Vanyla no longer lived. That fact alone made him refuse to get out of the bed inside the Locket farmhouse. It wasn't so much he refused as much as his broken heart and mind didn't see the point. Lacy cleaned his wounds, feeding him medication until his despondent figure healed. She relayed that Emily Allard had given up without a fight after Saldivar told her of Spell's death and taken into Fort Ozark for crimes too numerous to count. Lacy would cry, sitting in the room sharing the pain until one day she left, leaving Chester to wallow alone. They all mourned the loss of Vanyla in a way that dulled any satisfaction knowing the state was free from tyrannical forces at last. "Wake up!" A sharp slap across Chester's right cheek made him open his crusty eyelids sullenly. The room had been dark for days from the heavy blankets …

Fleurie - Hurts Like Hell

Chester and the 24-hour Lottery (ch 26)

Chapter 26; Chester Vs EveryoneOne step. Vanyla took ONE step to the right, taking the bullet intended for Chester. He stood in complete shock and disbelief when the top of her dark-haired head exploded, filling his mouth with blood, getting into his eyes and the sharp stinging pieces of bone piercing his face barely registered as all hell broke loose. Chester watched her body fall as if in slow motion to the ground before a primitive, all-consuming rage overtook him. His blood soaked face laser-focused on Gary Spell who looked just as shocked as everyone else. Vanyla died to save HIM, her short stature the perfect height to take the bullet. How many times had he looked down at her, gazing into those mischievous green eyes thinking she was the tiniest hellcat he'd ever known? Tears of rage cleared blood from his eyes as he lunged for the man. Both forgetting they had weapons, Spell took off in a dead run and Chester followed with a roar that came deep within his heartb…

Chester and the 24-hour Lottery (ch 25)

Chapter 25; Pop & Pound "Wake up." Chester groggily lifted his head from the backseat and saw he was the only one not up and at it. Looking up at the skyline, seeing the faint bruising colors of dawn beginning a peaceful moment occurred before the reality of what the day would bring settled heavily in his heart. "Did you sleep at all?" He asked Racket, who had woken him. "I'll sleep when this is over, besides, who else would watch your drooling face while you rested?" "You're always so pleasant to be around," he muttered, absently wiping his mouth before stretching and caught her looking upset by his words, "What?" "I sometimes think you appreciate nothing I do for you Chester," He was surprised by the sincerity of her words, "If it was up to me I would leave you all behind and do this myself." "Are you saying we're slowing you down?" he scoffed, "You're tough, but not indestructib…

Chester and the 24-hour Lottery (ch 24)

Chapter 24; Enter and Break It almost felt too easy obtaining Ozark officer uniforms and bypassing two security checkpoints before reaching Wayfarer City. Since he and Lacy were the smallest in the group they were hunkered down underneath a black tarp concealing themselves and the small arsenal they'd scrounged together. It was decided Van would appear as a rounded up dissident, wearing regular clothing. Henry and Deven sat in the front, with required helmets and altered visor screens although it could come into suspicion why they wore full gear inside the vehicle. Chester groaned as once again Racket started up her argument why Saldivar wasn't communicating. Her hypothesis was endless and Chester came to believe either she was in love with the man and or had a deep-seeded father complex. Whatever it was, it became increasingly annoying, but no one stopped her because it focused their hyper anxiety elsewhere. Lacy threw her leg over his, giggling and he shoved it …

Duran Duran - Notorious

I can't read about it, burns the skin from your eyes
I'll do fine without it, here's one you don't compromise
Lies come hard to disguise
Let me to fight it out, not wild about it
Lay your seedy judgements, who says they're part of our lives?
You own the money, you control the witness
I hear you're lonely, don't monkey with my business
You pay the profits to justify the reasons
I heard your promise but I don't believe it
That's why I'll do it again
Girls will keep the secrets, so long as boys make the noise
Fools run rings to break up, something they'll never destroy
Grand notorious slam, (bam) and who really gives a damn
For a flaky bandit?
Don't ask me to bleed about it, I need this blood to survive
You own the money, you control the witness
I hear you're lonely, don't monkey with my business
You pay the profits to justify the reasons
I heard your promise but I don't believe it
That's why I'…

Chester and the 24-hour Lottery (ch 23)

Chapter 23; Beast of prey A few days later Racket jogged up to where Henry and Chester were talking to a group of people about designating spotters for stealing Ozark weapons. The soldiers were becoming lazy beyond the barrier and someone stole a rifle leaning against a tree while one took a piss, giving Chester the idea they might be able to collect more. They waited for Racket to catch her breath, dismissing them with orders to be careful and work in pairs. "Spell is inside Neighborhood Allard," Racket grinned, "We know where the bastard is." "How do you know?" he asked, smiling at the good news and couldn't wait to let Van know. Racket held up her hands, and he saw her knuckles were raw and swollen, "Captured a soldier and made him tell me." "Fuck," Henry sighed with a shake of his head, "You can't go off on your own like that Racket! What if he killed you?" She ignored his comments, "Come on, I still have him…