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Mirrored Reflections

I wish I could be you.
I could see in your eyes and witness me and all the feelings that flee.
Stop to think of me, so I can love.
If you were my eyes, you'd marvel in that surprise.
Can I love myself too much or want love at the touch?
I wish to be you, can't I love you?

Pause to reflect on this.

You read about me, and how you feel me.
Is self-love is a sin, or remembered as vanity, one of the many recollections of our minds?
Together I pull us, so I can be you.
Or just one of our mirrored feelings?
Breathe me in, like a roll of sweet smelling smoke.
Get higher off of me than a bird could see me, pointing from below.
The bird looks at me; the image reflecting in the glasses I have for eyes.




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YOU tell me I shouldn't care about YOU,
     that all your promises were heartfelt but not meant to come true.
I believed in YOU.
I wanted YOU to believe in us too.
My heart has to learn now
     how not to beat for two.
I am always thinking of YOU.
My memory burns with YOU.
How could YOU be so cruel?