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What is this empty vessel doing in my hand?
I swear I filled it up just moments ago.

Condensation is slick on the vessel I have in my hand,
But it's as empty as an up-turned hourglass.

It wasn't supposed to be this empty I was sure.
Was there a hole that was made while I looked away?

I wish I could wind back time,
never to have filled this vessel that seems as broken as fragile glass.

It can never be full again
but I will set it aside
for some other fool
to be duped
by the
condensation too.


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In the works...

Hello people,
I'm working hard on my new book.  It's dark, it's wild and has me throwing back the covers at night to write a scene. Here's a little quote from Jaxxen, who I'm sure you'll love or hate depending on your position of filthy language and putting anyone in the ground that gets in his way.

Have a great day!

What's mOi name?

Ima push you against the wall,
hear you exhale,
demand you say mOi name baby doll.

Look into my hazel eyes,
don't be afraid,
it's okay
I only want to play...

Open your mouth,
here comes my tongue,
Ima be rubbing against something long.

Circle around,
pin me down.

I will try to deny,
it's not you I want inside.

Don't break a sweat,
just get me nice and wet.

I want to win this round.
Let me pin you with your pants down.

Who's winning or losing,
does it matter when our moans are ensuing?

Say mOi name,
have no shame.

What's MY name?