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Used By Him

I was blanketed in lust.

Devoured from the inside with
   rhythmic perspiration.

Plunging deep, like a knife,
   on a cold winter night.

I lifted myself towards it like a glutton,
   head spinning all of a sudden.

He was striving towards some intoxicated hard earned moment,
   which I found Herculean and unnerving.

I've been thinking of how he looked in ecstasy,
   calling my name as if the two were the same.

Then he was gone,
   the blanket of lust stripped away without shame.

Cold and empty without shelter,
   it's just my body he's after.

Lick my lips,
   flip my hair
       Where the hell is my



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YOU tell me I shouldn't care about YOU,
     that all your promises were heartfelt but not meant to come true.
I believed in YOU.
I wanted YOU to believe in us too.
My heart has to learn now
     how not to beat for two.
I am always thinking of YOU.
My memory burns with YOU.
How could YOU be so cruel?

The woman is real
The heart you can steal
For what time can never truly heal
Just hold her tight and kiss warm salty tears and hope to heal...